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Mary Schindler- Girl with a Guitar

Mary Schindler is a witty lady. I asked her when she learned to play the guitar, and she told me it was when she was nine years old and that she learned to play on a tennis racquet. She also wrote a song inspired by the time she came out to her mother at The Sizzler Restaurant. However funny she is, her music is heartfelt and sincere, as is Mary when you dig beneath the comedy.

During the day she can been seen playing the "Cheeseburger Song" for second graders at Miller Elementary School in Burbank, Ca. While charming children with that song, she writes about serious issues inspired from her first experiences as a teacher in South Central Los Angeles in songs like, "Can't Right the Wrong."

She has incredible stories, of times she was thrown out of The Whiskey in Los Angeles, played at The Roxy, and had beef with Diane Warren. She is retiring from teaching this year, and will be performing again, beginning this summer. Check out the interview and the stories at youtube.com/greatestdaynicole

Mary is a damn national treasure.

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