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Gallery Gusto- Painter

Part of the Greatest Day series of interviews with Gusto. gallerygusto.com

Born in New York City to Argentinean parents, Gus Albero—who paints by the name “Gusto”—attended the art program at Manhattanville College in New York. Though his style has evolved over the past ten years, the bulk of his work is semi-abstract acrylic on canvas: bold black lines, pops of bright color, and pieces ranging from expressionist-like images (“Dame Au Bain,” a whispering image of a woman bathing in a tub), to bold recognizable ones (pop representations of Marilyn Monroe and Woody Woodpecker). Gus has displayed his work primarily in Downtown Los Angeles galleries including the M.J. Higgins Gallery and Jungle Rush Gallery, as well as in group shows in Beverly Hills, Silver Lake and Hollywood. His work has been used in styling sets on television programs including ABC’s The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and Bravo’s Top Design among others.

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