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Dorian Frankel doesn't do anything halfway.

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Dorian Frankel has written a collection of 24 songs. When she talks about music, she lights up and makes a point to mention that that she believes the message in the song she has written, “Everybody Can Sing.” While everyone can, I don’t believe that everyone should, but I am certainly thrilled that she has shared her voice with us. Just like her music, you don’t know quite what to expect from her. When she laughs, you can’t tell if she is laughing with you, at you, or at herself. She has the singing voice of a girl and the lyrical wisdom of someone with a wealth of experience. She is both proud of herself and dismissive of her success at the same time. She says she isn’t a surprising person, but I found her candor disarming. I have become a fan.

I was nervous (!!!) to sit down with her, but I shouldn’t have been as she is sincere, authentic, honest, and smart and those qualities spill over into her music, especially in the songs “Broken,” “Second Wind,” “Lydia,” and the haunting “Hollyweed” a true story about what happens when you work on the shittiest block in Hollywood. She’s admittedly nervous to play the guitar, wishes she played the piano, but none of that matters because she is one hell of a lyricist. Her music may be a throwback to a sweeter, pre-Trump time (she has the vocal quality of artists like Liz Phair and Kathleen Edwards) but the calm feels refreshing in the middle of the current storm. She definitely has something important to say, and the collection (although not autobiographical) seems to be a roadmap for those who are brave enough to allow themselves a second chance. Indeed, she makes you feel as if new things are easy to accomplish and it just makes you feel good to be around her. The more time you spend with Dorian and her music, the more you like both. Plus, “Just go” is a great road trip track.

Hop on over to youtube for the interview youtube.com/greatestdaynicole or go directly to her website at dorianfrankel.com or her spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/7nQSAc2aGPFXWjbpkLKmhH

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