• GreatestDayNicole

PLEXXAGLASS: A huge voice, with a huge purpose.

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

With a streak of green in her long hair and her glasses that are “part of her brand” Alexa Joan Rae- Plexxaglass looks like a tiny twinkly bespectacled faeire. It is shocking then, that such a huge voice comes out of someone that comes in such a compact frame. Indeed, her voice, as well as her lyrics pack a punch, as she rips apart the current establishment in the rousing anthem, “Resist” and shines light on abuse in her soaringly cinematic, “Ana Thema.” Alexa’s Plexxaglass has a refreshingly original sound, but still accessibly captures the spirit of our everyday desire to be seen and survive in this sometimes-chaotic world. Listen to her music then hop over to youtube.com/greatestdaynicole or https://www.plexxaglass.com/ to watch the interviews and experience Plexxaglass. Have the Greatest Day.

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