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Brian Andreas- Writer/Artist


Part of the Greatest Day series of interviews with Pulitzer Prize nominated (twice!) Brian Andreas

About the Artist:

From the Flying Edna Website:

“Brian Andreas is known around the world as a writer and artist whose work celebrates the strength and beauty of the human spirit. He’s authored 15 books (two were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, and his collaboration with photographer Lorne Resnick, received three Independent book awards).

He is the creator of the company, Storypeople, which carried his work for 25 years.

Through divorce, he was separated from all of his copyrights prior to 2012, and from the company he founded, called Storypeople. Brian has no relationship with the company and no control over the work that carries his name from that time period.”

From Nicole:

I came upon a print of Brian’s in 2000 when I was up north in Sonora, CA doing a play and immediately fell in love with the art. You could say that his work is my longest relationship (but don’t say that.) Often, I will walk into a stranger’s house and see one of Brian’s prints on the wall and I immediately know I am dealing with a kindred spirit and that they have been let in on the secret genius of Brian.

Brian is also a playwright, who moved to LA, and promptly left when he realized that he didn’t want to be a screenwriter and began creating these funny stories that speak to so many people. Enjoy the interview and his work. I am absolutely so excited to bring him to you!

You can find his new work (even better than ever) at flying edna at www.flyingedna.com

Have a GREAT day.


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