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Amber Ryann has nothing to prove

If you get to sit down with Amber Ryann, you are lucky. She doesn't seem to feel comfortable in an interview but when she does speak, you listen. What Amber says, both in person and in her music are incredibly important. She said, "you prove your worth by working up to the standards that you want to work with", I realized that, at some point soon, there will be people trying to prove their worth to work with Amber.

She speaks through her music, in which she seems to have the desire to point out that we are all ordinary, with human experiences that are the same. However as a writer, singer, musician, and producer she is anything but ordinary, and seems to be on her way to becoming a master in her genre. She is generous (I practically forced her to sing) and seems to have a grasp on both the world she lives in, and the audience she connects to.

Amber, has nothing to prove as her work ethic, hustle, and talent speak for themselves. Check out the interview at youtube.com/greatestdaynicole on friday March 29th, 2019

Follow the Artist at https://open.spotify.com/artist/4mbv0HeV0rHkSW9CqqANPT

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